Exclusive Range of hand block printing

Hand Block Print is a technique, through which designs are implemented on a fabric, by taking the help of wooden block which is designed for the particular use. As compared to other types of printing it is considered as the most tedious and slow form. But also, it is very popular because of its finishing, flexibility and simplicity and also because of the prints which are extremely accurate and sharp. The concept of block printing is used in India mainly for the purpose for dress materials and Sarees.

About us

Uday Print Fashion placed in Bagru near to Jaipur and is known to serve as a tribute to the block printing. We provide most reliable block printing in Jaipur. We also capture the ancient techniques of art and its history. Our main focus is to showcase the magnificence and glorious pieces of fashion, with the help of hand block print.
Uday Print Fashion is well-known for its unique and rare gathering of works of hand-block printing, which includes compilations of Bagru, Dabu and discharge prints. We also are conducting workshops for hand-block printing, which is performed by the experts’ veterans, who wants to share their skills and techniques with the interested people.

Printing technique

The blocks that are being used for printing are prepared from smooth flat wood. They come from different woods like sycamore, pear wood, or plane wood. They are nearly about 2 to 3 inches thick and of different volume and are toughened with the help of pine or wood pieces. The selected fabric is being place on the flat tables and after that the process of block printing gets started. Previously vegetable colours and natural dyes were used, which was difficult to prepare, but now synthetic dyes which are reachable in market at a very cheap price and are also easy to use.

Our Printing Style

In today’s time this hand block print is very fashionable in Rajasthan and Gujarat. In Rajasthan most of the work of this technique is used in the Jaipur. Our pattern is based on the floral and detailed. With the help of unique pattern and attractive butta, the saree gets more elegant and the effects and motifs adds up a lot to its beauty.
Some of the trendy patterns of block printed sarees are birds, figurative pattern, flowers, geometrical designs, trees and fruits. Fabrics like super net, pure cotton, chiffon, pure silk, georgette and crepe, are some of the common types that are generally used for this.
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