Woodblock printing process

Woodblock printing process requires proper efforts!

Summary: People all over the world have liked the designs which are derived from woodblock printing process. But they might not be aware of the fact know that block printing is to be done very carefully to get intricate designs.

Block printing in India is in continuation with many past years. It is a sort of hereditary art which has been transferred from generation to generation.

Woodblock printing process as the name says is done by using wooden blocks for printing. These blocks are also called as “bunta” and are made up of teak wood. Beautiful designs are crafted from these blocks and are used for creating impressions on the fabric. The craftsmen take proper care of the wooden block to ensure that it leaves a proper print on the fabric. The block is kept dipped in oil for a minimum of 15 days. This ensures that it is softer and there will be not much affected on the design. Whether there are large motifs or small motifs the craftsmen crafts the wood to emerge beautiful designs on this wooden block.

It is also important that the wooden block is caught properly while pressing it on the fabric. There is a handle present on it which ensures that the print will be implied with the proper force. It consists of 2-3 holes which will enable to proper air follow which is necessary while printing.